Web Presence

Did you know that? Today, nearly 100% of property searches are conducted on the Web and more than half of these requests come from mobile devices. An optimal positioning of your property on search engines is therefore essential.

Social Media

In addition to the visibility offered by my professional website, we enhance the display of your property by broadcasting on social networks. These media allow you to increase the reach of your publication thanks to the interaction and sharing of information between users.

Photo pro + Home staging tips

The decision to buy a home is often made within the first two minutes of a visit. It is therefore essential to make a good first impression when selling your home. That’s why I use the services of a photographer specialized in real estate. Before the session, you will receive advice to make sure your property looks even more attractive. Don’t forget…. A picture is worth a thousand words!!!

Luxury agency

With more than 1,000 offices worldwide, a marketing platform that generates more than one billion online impressions each year and a network of prestigious publications, at Sotheby’s we showcase our clients’ properties to the world.

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