Buying an income property is a project that many people consider and can be very advantageous, as long as you are well informed and have the necessary qualities to take care of such a property.

There are several rules governing the purchase of residential duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes.

Here are some of the advantages of investing in an income property:

  • Investing in a plex allows you to start your investment portfolio by taking a calculated risk. Since real estate values always tend to rise gradually, if you maintain your building well, you should reap the benefits over the long term;
  • The tenants in your building help you pay your mortgage and many of the maintenance expenses can be deducted on your tax return, making the investment worthwhile;
  • If you are young or self-employed, the purchase of a plex could allow you to access home ownership more easily since the income generated by the rental is added advantageously to your financial picture;
  • Your plex can help you build a pension fund or leave an inheritance to your successors, because when your mortgage is paid off, your building will be an interesting asset that will continue to generate income and will have acquired a resale value.

Owning a real estate investment certainly has many benefits. That’s why I recommend investors to start a career as a real estate investor. I offer real estate investors the best investment tools to help them find and analyze investment properties in the Montreal real estate market.

I am constantly looking for buildings and land for sale and rent to meet the needs of my buyers. I am always looking for multi-unit properties for a bank of potential investment buyers. If you own one of these properties, contact me now, I have your buyer!!!

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